Food Service Providers

The Six Farms microgreens are available to all food service providers including; restaurants, caterers, wholesalers and online distributors. We offer a special business discount for all of our food service partners.

Restaurants & Caterers

Enjoy a new harvest every Friday delivered to your restaurant or kitchen. You can order your favorite microgreens from our website with a few easy steps. All restaurants and caterers are available to receive a business discount. To receive your discount code please get in touch with us through the "Contact Us" page and we will send you a unique code. You can use your discount code at checkout.

You can also subscribe to your favorite microgreens to minimize your order time so you can focus on running your kitchen. We are flexible to meet your ever-changing needs. So, after you subscribe, you can add, subtract or swap products or cancel your subscription at any time you like.


If you would like to offer microgreens to your customers please get in touch with us through the "Contact Us" page. Upon scheduling a meeting, we will bring you our samples along with our fresh sheet for wholesalers. Our packaging is available with barcodes upon request.